2 x 25 mins IELTS Speaking Mock Test | Zoom

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  1. We implement a no refund policy; please make sure you are able to attend the session as no rescheduling or cancellation can be made. However,  if cancellation is made by the facilitator due to sudden illness/emergency, you will be offered to reschedule.
  2. Please note that the facilitator will also determine what can be discussed in the session spanning 25 minutes, taking into consideration your needs/progress.
  3. Check out this video to see what the Speaking section is like, so you know what to expect. One note, however, is that you may be cut off in the middle of a sentence and asked a new question at any point in Part 1 and Part 3. Be prepared for this ‘surprise’ during the Mock Test and the real test.



After you make this purchase, you will receive a payment confirmation email, and within 1 x 24 hours we’ll send you another email with the links to book the Zoom sessions. Please check your email inbox, Spam, Junk, & Promotions folder regularly. If you do not receive an email that confirms your booking, enrollment and/or payment within 1 x 24 hours, please contact us immediately. 

1. Click the link(s) in your email. Each link can be used to book 1 (one) session only, totaling 25 minutes. The link will expire automatically after you make a booking.

2. Select a date and time slot. You can book a session from 5 weeks up to 1 day before your preferred time.

3. Input your FULL name and your email address. Please make sure this is typed correctly as the booking confirmation containing the link to the Zoom session will be sent automatically to your email.

4. In the Notes section, please input which topic you’d like to discuss. For example, “IELTS Speaking Mock Test”.  Please note that the facilitator will also determine what to discuss in the session spanning 25 minutes, taking into consideration your needs/progress. You may also send us an email listing your questions and attach anything needed for the discussion.

5. Click Done (blue button).

6. You will receive an email confirming your booking. The link to the Zoom session is provided. The booking may also be added to your calendar (if applicable).

7. To make bookings for more sessions, please make another purchase of this service. The service will be available for purchase again after 1 day. Alternatively, you can purchase the 1×25, 2×25, 3×25, 4×25, 8×25, and 16×25 minute packages.


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