IELTS Writing Core Course for Band 6.5+ | RECOMMENDED | 20+ hours | 4 wks | 15+ Graphs & Opinion Essays


This is our ultimate guide to conquering the IELTS Writing section! This is a powerful self-paced course to help you prepare for the IELTS Writing for the Academic module, with direct support from Ms Bea (IELTS 8.5-9.0) on Telegram Chat for 4 weeks (or more).

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The Writing section in the IELTS Academic Module is one of the most challenging sections of the test and to achieve an overall Band 6.0+, you need to understand what the IELTS test wants you to do. You’d want to learn from those who are experienced and have succeeded in scoring high in the Writing section, and this course is here to teach you exactly how to do this! You can enroll anytime too!

Before learning with us, many students had previously scored Band 6.0 or lower and had retaken the IELTS test multiple times, so we’re elated that they were able to finally succeed after taking this Writing course! See the testimonials below for more individual stories.

You wouldn’t want to spend tons of money, time, and energy retaking the test again and again just to ‘fail’. You’d want to learn all the right things from the start and make good use of all your resources!




This is our ultimate guide to conquering the IELTS Writing section! This is a powerful self-paced course to help you prepare for the IELTS Writing for the Academic module, with direct support from Ms Bea (IELTS 8.5-9.0) on Telegram Chat for 4 weeks (or more).

The contents of this course are based on Ms Bea’s decade-long firsthand experience, trial and error, and successes in scoring Band 7.0 – 8.5 in the Writing section, and helping students do the same. Within 4 weeks, you will learn how to answer 15+ Writing topics for the Academic IELTS test, through exclusive tutorial videos, modules, and exercises and feedback. Our goal is for you to be gliding through the Writing section on the test day with ease and confidence!

This course is well-structured and easy to understand, provides a strong foundation, and is packed with all the juicy hacks and details that you need to know to be confident to take the test and potentially score Band 6.5+. A past student even called this course a ‘treasure trove’! 

*Most of the course contents are written in English, BUT the tutorial videos & guidance by Ms Bea are delivered in Bahasa Indonesia. If you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, please let us know and we may offer this course in English!



  1. You need to take the IELTS Academic Module to study or work abroad. If you’re aiming for the IELTS General Training Module for work/immigration purposes, please contact us, as we have a different course for this.
  2. You have retaken the IELTS test multiple times and have no idea what you’re doing wrong. You’re willing to study diligently and make the time to do this, but you need clarity on which areas to improve, the steps to take, and the correct knowledge and skills required to do well in the Writing section. Investing in this Core Course will help you achieve these before you decide when to retake the IELTS test. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy by taking ineffective actions that lead to undesirable results; follow our guidance and spend your time and resources wisely.
  3. You are highly motivated, self-disciplined and have good time management skills, prefer doing things at your own pace/time and want flexibility in going through the tutorial videos, modules, and exercises. In this Core Course, you will have 24/7 access to the Library & Telegram Channel for the duration of the program of 4 weeks (which can be extended with a monthly subscription). We recommend you go into intensive mode and allocate at least 30 minutes every day on weekdays and at least 4 hours on the weekends to go through all the course contents and exercises. A semi-intensive or non-intensive study schedule will potentially make your progress slow. However, you might be able to finish the course contents in less than 4 weeks if you’re already highly proficient in English. Also, there’s no Zoom sessions in this Course so yay for flexibility!
  4. You possess intermediate English proficiency, but even if you don’t yet, you’re willing to give yourself enough time and put in the effort to make the leap to achieve Band 6.5+. But for now, this Core Course is the crucial first step to take! The Pre-Test or Mock Test will indicate your current level, and Ms Bea will provide personalised guidance at the beginning so you know what to expect and can take action accordingly.



  1. Tips & hacks for the test day, so that you can draft your essays quickly and stay on point!
  2. All the key principles of the Writing section!
  3. Step-by-step and recommended essay outlines & sample ideas for 15+ IELTS Writing topics. This consists of Task 1: Charts, Maps, Process Diagrams; and Task 2: Opinion Essays, Discussion Essays, and Direct Question Essays. This is to help you understand how to answer any type of question, use relevant ideas, and structure your essays and each paragraph logically. For Task 1, this means summarizing, grouping, comparing, and contrasting the data appropriately. For Task 2, this means generating ideas that are relevant to the topics and questions. By exposing yourself to and practicing various topics, being able to summarise data appropriately (Task 1) and generate relevant ideas (Task 2), in addition to mastering a wide range of relevant and academic vocabulary and grammatical structures, you will be able to write good essays spontaneously and quickly on the test day using the appropriate language.
  4. When you complete the exercises/practice in the Telegram Channel, Ms Bea will give you feedback/suggestions in terms of the contents and structure (critical thinking). This is to help you do well in terms of the Cohesion & Coherence, the Task Achievement, and the Task Response marking criteria.
  5. Template sentences and explanations on the range of grammar and vocabulary needed, as well as corrections on your exercises in these aspects (in the Telegram Channel). This aims to enhance your vocabulary for use in various topics, meanings, and contexts, as well as learn various grammar points and sentence structures. This is to help you do well in terms of the Lexical Resource and the Grammatical Range & Accuracy marking criteria.

Upon successful enrollment, we will:

  1. Add you to the Telegram Channel that hosts the exercises, quizzes, and tips for 15+ Task 1 Graphs & Task 2 Essays; also give you access to the Library/Padlet that hosts the tutorial videos & PDFs; it’s similar to Google Drive but more elaborate. Learning hours: 20+. Watch this videoto get a glimpse of what the Library/Padlet & Telegram Channel are like.
  2. Add you to the Telegram Group consisting of you, Ms Savira, & Ms Bea. This is where you can ask questions about the Writing section, vocabulary, grammar, etc and where the tutors will provide personalised guidance for you. When you complete a quiz or exercise in the Telegram Channel and ask questions in the Telegram Group, Ms Bea will respond to you within the same day or the next.
  3. You will also need to complete the Pre-Test before you start the course and the Post-Test (independently, automatic timer, not on Zoom). These tests will be evaluated by Ms Bea and she will provide feedback & corrections. The Pre-Test determines your current level and based on this Ms Bea will provide guidance on how best to navigate the course, what areas to focus on, and the steps to take. Click this link to see a sample of how Ms Bea provides feedback & corrections for students’ Writing practice.

If you wish to take longer than 4 weeks for a more relaxed pace, you may ‘extend’ your access to the Telegram Channel/Group & Library/Padlet with a monthly subscription (of which link will be provided after you enroll in this Core Course). Or, if you enroll in an IELTS Preparation Package (All Skills), you will automatically have 6-8 weeks of access to this Core Course. See our Offerings page for more information. Also, there are no Zoom sessions included in this Core Course, but later on may be offered as an Add On when they become available.

After checkout, please keep an eye on your inbox! Please check your email inbox, Spam, Junk, & Promotions folder regularly for further information on the link(s) and other updates from us.



*By enrolling, you understand that although we provide the best to help students succeed, results may vary due to various factors, and we therefore cannot make any guarantees regarding the results. However, you are still committed to do your best as this is what maximises your chances of success.

**We implement a no refund policy. Please consider your decision carefully before making this investment.


A Bit of History

Over the past decade, Ms Bea explored various resources, completed an Official IDP IELTS training on understanding how the Writing section is evaluated, and through her own experience and her students’ over the years, she has finally cracked the code for the Writing section! She initially scored 7.0 (Official, 2017) and then with her upgraded knowledge & skills, she scored a whopping 8.5 in the IELTS Progress Check in 2023! Before that and after, she taught students who eventually scored 7.0 – 8.5 in the Writing section using her proven methods. Besides including important vocabulary & grammar in this course, Ms Bea also incorporates the necessary critical thinking relevant to the Writing section, to help you generate relevant ideas for Task 2 and to select the appropriate information for Task 1.

This is the course that she wish had been available when she was preparing for the test herself in the past. The methods and contents of this course have been tried and tested: the success rate of students achieving Band 6.0+ has been 80-90% so far. Before taking up this course, many students previously scored Band 6.0 or lower and had retaken the IELTS test multiple times, so we’re elated that they were able to finally succeed after taking the course with us! See the testimonials below for more individual stories.

If you want, you can also view Ms Bea’s track record on Linkedin and view her CV here.



However, there is no short cut to scoring Band 6.5+. Even though Band 6.0 is usually the minimum score to apply to scholarships and universities, there is a lot of ground to cover and this takes time and effort to master; the time limit on the test day is also a challenge. The key success factors, in our experience, are patience, discipline, sufficient time for preparation, willingness to put in the effort, and being detail-oriented. Another key factor is the students’ English proficiency level by the time they take up the course, because this also determines whether they will score Band 6.0 or lower, or Band 6.5+ after the given time.

If your English proficiency or Mock Test/Pre-Test score is equivalent to Band 5.5 or lower AND/OR your target is Band 7.0+, make sure you give yourself enough time (at least 3-6 months, or even more) to take up a personalised program to help you improve your English proficiency, while also taking up this Core Course, before you book the IELTS test. We recommend enrolling in this course first and we’ll provide separate information on the personalised program, based on your Pre-Test results, to help you improve your vocabulary & grammar. This should help you maximise your chances of scoring Band 6.5+ and not have to retake the test multiple times. However, please be aware that various other factors contribute to your score; this is why we at least need to do our best to maximise our chances of succeeding.


Also, this course includes contents and exercises for 15+ Writing topics, but you may need more. Therefore, we also have a separate program if you want/need to practice more, but we will recommend this later, after you have made progress or when you complete this core course.

This will be helpful because on the test day, the types of questions and topics for IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 given to us vary widely and will be selected for us randomly; they can be about any type of question and any topic. For Task 2, for instance, the topics can be about any field of knowledge, ranging from Arts, Advertising, Education, Environment, Space Exploration, Technology, and many others. By practicing various topics, being able to summarise data appropriately (Task 1) and generate relevant ideas (Task 2), in addition to mastering a wide range of relevant and academic vocabulary and grammatical structures, you will be able to write good essays spontaneously and quickly on the test day using the appropriate language. You will be able to take your skills further if you take more time to learn and improve by practicing various topics and questions through a separate/personalised program.

But for now, this Core Course is the crucial first step to take!


Browse our Offerings for more information on our other services and programs, or contact us directly by email/Telegram!




Researcher/PhD Student
Official IELTS Results
Overall 7.5 with Writing/Speaking 7.0

Preparing for the IELTS with Luminara Language was the best choice I ever made to reach high IELTS scores. I have known the founder of Luminara, Teh Bea, since 2016; and since then, I have successfully achieved my desired scores twice! There is no doubt that the method that she used in the learning process is amazing! I am especially fascinated with her method to improve my writing quality, and the key points on how to solve IELTS questions in the easiest way. Luminara also provided lots of exercises that helped me get used to both the testing system and the various types of questions. Thank you Luminara!


Researcher/PhD Student
Official IELTS Results
Overall 8.0 with Writing/Speaking 7.5

Yang lagi persiapan IELTS, coba deh kepoin programnya Luminara Language! Ownernya IELTS-nya 8.5, speakingnya udah kayak native, lulusan TESOL UQ. Jadi meskipun Luminara masih baru, high-quality online course yaa!


Health Worker
Official IELTS Results
Overall 7.0 with Writing 6.5

Tau Luminara Language dari temen, katanya mentornya (Ka Bea) baik & ramah banget! (And indeed she is). Selalu responsif nanggepin chat anytime. Cuma ikut program yang IELTS Writing, materinya luar biasa ngebantu banget buat IELTS. Penjelasannya gampang banget dipahami, materinya nge-cover semua hal & yang paling enak dijelasin langsung pelan-pelan sambil latihan on the spot & Ka Bea sangat apresiatif jadinya termotivasi terus wkwkww.


Official IELTS Results
Overall 7.5 with Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0

Aku punya waktu persiapan untuk test IELTS selama kurang lebih sebulan. Di tengah waktu yang sempit untuk belajar, ternyata crash course di Luminara has helped me so much in tackling the test. Tutornya sangat ramah dan membantu progress kita. Bahkan, aku bisa request extra untuk review tulisan yang kubuat. I strongly recommend to join Luminara for your preparation. It’s worth the price and time!


IELTS Official Overall 6.5, with Writing 6.5

Dari yang aku alami bahan ajar dari Luminara superb banget, bener-bener bisa membangun pondasi yang kuat untuk bisa memahami IELTS ini. Komplit, sistematis, dan rapi untuk bahan ajarnya. Semoga kedepannya bisa ada program one-to-one untuk course active skills (writing dan speaking). Aku tunggu!

Master student in Melbourne
Official IELTS Results
Overall 6.5

Sepanjang pengalaman les IELTS, jujur les dengan Ms. Bea adalah les terbaik yang pernah aku jalani! Slide nya jelaaasssss banget, rinci banget penjelasannya dan mudah dimengerti. Dulu aku biasanya belajar slidesnya dulu jadi pas kelas nyambung. Pas kelas, Ms. Bea tuh baikkkkk banget, jelasin pelan-pelan dengan bahasa yang mudah banget dimengerti dan fun banget. Satu hal yang paling keren: Ms. Bea nggak men-judge sama sekali. Mau seaneh apapun pertanyaan siswa (terutama aku) pasti dijawab dengan serius dan sampai penanya mengerti. Koreksian essay nya juga super komplit, bener-bener dikasih tau mana kalimat yang terbaca aneh, belum tepat dsb. Kalo bisa teh aku mau kasih more than two thumbs up buat Ms. Bea!


drh. Firda
Veterinarian/Master student in Melbourne
IELTS Official
Overall 6.5, with Writing 6.0, Speaking 6.5

Belajar tidak pernah se-menyenangkan ini. Gurunya oke, metodenya oke. Kualitas tutorial video dan audio bagus banget, enak buat belajar. Gurunya pinter, metode pembelajarannya oke, materi yang dikasih berkualitas, sample answers yang dikasih bagus bagus. Supportive and fast response.


We are confident you have what it takes to succeed. This course shall be a powerful arsenal in your toolkit, helping you make your dreams come true! We wish you all the best and we look forward to working with you 🙂

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